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I'm 45: Now What?

What's so special about turning 45?  

One way to think about it is it could be right in the middle of a 30 year career.  Many of us started working at a "real job" at age 30 after years of school or "starter jobs."  We can reasonably expect our real job to last about 30 years until we're 60 years old.  That puts age 45 as a benchmark in the middle of our career life.

What's gone well so far?  Are you happy with your career choices or thinking of switching?  What would that cost?   Is your retirement planning underway with a healthy discipline of contributing to a workplace plan?  Have you established an investment plan outside of retirement plans?  How much are you paying in taxes and is it too much?  

Finally, what will the next 15 years look like?  Do you need to play catch up or are you well on your way?  

Age 45 is a good benchmark year to assess what you've been doing and why and set the stage for the next phase of a great life.