Stratton Advisors primarily works with clients through long term retainer relationships.  Things change in life and in the world.  The retainer offers continuity to clients who value staying on track during the ups and downs of life experiences.

Full Service Retainer

The Retainer supports your financial life throughout the year and gives you peace of mind.. The retainer serves you with structured, wide-ranging financial, retirement, and tax planning and tax preparation. The open retainer enables you to check in at any time when you have questions or new challenges come up in your life. The retainer is offered at an annual fee that is based on your income, the amount of your assets, and the complexity of your situation.

It Supports Your Needs. The Full Service Retainer is a long-term relationship with Stratton Advisors to help you stay on track to reach your goals.  A wonderful outcome is for you to focus more on living your life and less on worrying about money matters.

Financial Life Review

The Financial Life Review is the first opportunity to work with Stratton Advisors.  It is a two hour appointment focused on your two or three most acute financial questions.  A typical question is "Am I on track for retirement?"   The Review offers an expert assessment of your current situation and outlines good next steps for you to take.  After the Review you can implement the recommendations on your own or with the help of Stratton Advisors through a retainer engagement.  


Stratton Advisors may offer a consultation at an hourly rate. The fee is determined by the scope and complexity of the project.  Stratton Advisors offers this service on a discretionary basis.

Tax Advice

Skillful Tax Preparation and Planning...Helping You Minimize Your Tax Bill You don’t have a choice about paying taxes, but you can avoid making the mistake of overpaying them.

Do you want to reduce your tax burden? Do you want to increase your assets? I can help!

Linda specializes in personal income tax preparation and planning and will identify the tax-saving approaches that apply to your situation.  She works with you throughout the year, not just when it’s time to prepare your return.

If you’re like most people, your taxes represent one of your largest annual expenses, yet often little or no planning is done to minimize your tax bill. Careful tax preparation and planning can free up money that you can use to achieve your goals. As personal income tax specialists, we will help you aggressively pursue every deduction you are lawfully entitled to.

Would you worry less if you had more money to save toward your goals?

Discover how much more money you could be keeping for yourself and your future.   Find out if you can save on your taxes. 

Linda is a member of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, a national fee-only financial group which is the community of financial advisors focused on tax advice.   We strongly believe that taxes are critical in a sucessful financial planning process.


Life-Integrated Financial Planning...Helping You Fit the Pieces Together You likely have several financial planning pieces in place—you pay taxes, invest at least a portion of your savings, have some insurance, and maybe you have done some estate planning and retirement planning, but chances are each of these pieces was developed independently and at different times in your life. Is it any surprise then that you’re unsure if you’re on the right track and making all the progress you could be? To be effective, financial planning needs to be coordinated. Each piece of the financial plan needs to accomplish its own specific tasks as well as support the tasks of each other piece. We call this life-integrated financial planning, and we are experts in this area. We’ll look at your entire financial picture and help you fit the pieces together properly.

We’ll ask you lots of questions, including:

  • What does your ideal life look like?
  • Do you know where your money goes each month?
  • Are you confident that you and your assets are adequately and properly insured?
  • Will you be able to retire with the lifestyle you want?
  • Who is deciding what happens to everything you’ve accumulated when you die—you or the state?
  • Are you funding your child’s education at the expense of your future?

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning needs to occur before retirement and during retirement.  Still working, you need to accumulate assets in a tax-efficient strategy to optimize your portfolio growth.  In retirement, it's about distributing cash from your portfolio.  This also needs to be tax efficient to make the money last.   

Investment Counseling

Objective Investment Advice...Helping You Make Better Investment Decisions

There are potentially hundreds of decisions you must make in order to build a solid portfolio, one that will benefit from market upswings and weather any downswings.

  • How do you decide whether to buy an individual stock, a mutual fund or ETF, bonds, commodities, or just leave your money in your savings account?
  • What are the costs and tax implications of the investments you select?
  • Which types of investments should you hold in your retirement accounts instead of your brokerage accounts?
  • When is the right time to sell an investment?
  • How do you sort through the conflicting advice you read in magazines and on the Internet?

Many people don’t understand what their investments are or what they should be doing. In a well-constructed portfolio, each investment should fulfill a specific function and should be appropriate for your unique situation. Your portfolio will work harder for you when it contains the investments and uses investment strategies that have been selected based on your needs. As a fee-only financial advisor, I will provide you with the objective, unbiased investment recommendations you need to make the best investment decisions.

A Better Investment Strategy for Ed

Ed enjoyed investing. He read several financial publications and performed on-line research. He and his colleagues shared investment tips, and Ed looked forward to calls from his stock broker. But Ed was getting increasingly frustrated and feeling less confident. There was so much contradictory advice that it was taking too much time to keep track of his investments, his portfolio wasn’t performing the way he felt it should, and he was worried that if he lost again like he did on tech stocks, he wouldn’t be able to recover.

Ed decided to get advice from a fee-only member of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners. Ed’s new Advisor first inventoried all of Ed’s investments. Because he knew diversification was important, Ed had several accounts at different brokerage firms. When his investments were analyzed, Ed was surprised to learn that he wasn’t well-diversified at all and that all the time spent tracking each fund and stock wasn’t accomplishing anything. Ed’s ACP Advisor explained to him the unique functions of interest-earning, real estate, and equity investments and how properly balancing his portfolio could allow him to get a better overall return while reducing risk.

Ed and his advisor spent a lot of time discussing Ed’s goals and devising an appropriate investment strategy. Since his Advisor is a fee-only financial advisor (no product sales, no commissions), Ed is confident that his advisor’s recommendations are objective and in his best interests.

Ed still enjoys investing—as a matter of fact, he enjoys it even more now that he worries less.

Stratton Advisors will:

  • Thoroughly discuss your goals before making investment recommendations; Look at all the financial risks you are taking before determining your appropriate level of investment risk.
  • Review all your accounts and determine not just the right asset allocation but also the right asset location.
  • Recommend the real estate exposure you need in order to achieve long-term financial stability.
  • Integrate tax planning with your investment strategy to produce a higher after-tax return. 

Being an astute investor should not be a haphazard exercise. When your investments have been properly balanced, objectively chosen, and are regularly reviewed, you enjoy peace of mind and confidence in your future. Would you worry less and be happier receiving objective investment advice?