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Objective Investment Advice...Helping You Make Better Investment Decisions


Why hire a financial advisor?

Whether or not you are a financial expert, you are in charge of your own financial future. You may not have the time or expertise to develop a plan and make necessary financial decisions. Stratton Advisors helps you live the life you want by working as your partner and coach in the planning process.

What do you sell?

Stratton Advisors sells financial advice regarding goal setting, retirement strategies, taxation, investments, cash flow management, insurance, and other areas of personal finance. I also offer tax preparation and audit representation. I do not sell financial products.

What is “Fee-Only” Financial Planning?

The term “Fee-Only” refers to the method of compensation for the financial planner. A Fee-Only planner is compensated by fees paid by clients, not commissions, referral fees, or other reimbursements based on sales of products or services. The recommendations you receive from a Fee-Only financial advisor are in your best interest only.

Is the fee tax deductible?

If the client has a business or rental income, a partial deduction may be qualified for Schedule C or E.

Do you sell financial planning products, such as investments, insurance, or tax shelters?

No. Since I am a fee-only planner, my clients must purchase products from other sources. I have a custodial relationship with Shareholder Services Group, a brokerage firm. You may choose to set up accounts with SSG or any other brokerage firm of your choice or you may choose to stay with your existing investment firm(s).

Are you a Certified Financial Planner?

Yes, I am a CFP®.


Do you provide legal advice?

No. I am not a licensed attorney and I do not provide legal advice.

Do you guarantee investment performance?


Who are your clients?

My clients are goal-oriented, optimistic people who want to achieve financial independence. They want ethical financial advice, a holistic approach to planning, and an advisor who is a team player.

How do we get started?

Contact me by email at info@lindastrattonadvisors.com or telephone (520-742-6875) to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation and your ideas. There is no charge for your initial consultation.